The Marquette Connector
The Marquette Connector
Reliable Energy. Stable Infrastructure. Economic Opportunity.
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Reliable Energy.
Stable Infrastructure.
Economic Opportunity.

At SEMCO, our mission is simple: provide safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to our customers in the Michigan communities we serve. We strive to deliver on this promise each and every day, and we’re always trying to do it better.

The Marquette Connector helps us do exactly that, and this website is meant to answer the questions you may have about the project.

For thousands of customers throughout the Upper Peninsula, the natural gas they rely on to heat their homes and run their appliances is delivered through a single natural gas pipeline.

Winters are harsh. Heat is essential. And energy reliability is a necessity. The Marquette Connector addresses all of this.

Connecting the Marquette region to a second pipeline bringing natural gas through the Upper Peninsula provides our homes, businesses, hospitals and universities with the reliability we need to not only stay safe, but to continue to grow and thrive. 

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